Top 10 Reasons To Move To Portugal

Thinking about moving to Portugal? With its warm climate, affordable cost of living, and friendly locals, Portugal has become an increasingly popular destination for expats. In this article, we’ve put together the top 10 reasons why you should consider making the move to Portugal. From the stunning natural landscapes to the delicious cuisine, Portugal has something for everyone. So whether you’re looking to retire in a peaceful setting, start a new chapter in your life, or simply enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, Portugal could be the perfect place for you. Let’s dive into the top reasons why moving to Portugal could be the best decision you ever make.

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pleasant weather

The most pleasant weather in all of Europe

Portugal is ideal for you if you enjoy the outdoors and often daydream about living somewhere sunny and warm. For instance, Lisbon has 10 hours of sunlight on average every day in the winter, which is impressive compared to the countries of Northern Europe. In the Algarve, you can often sit outside in only a t-shirt, even in January, thanks to the region’s more than 300 days of excellent weather each year. Therefore, it is not a stretch to say that Portugal is a haven for people looking for warmth, sunshine, and a temperate environment. Wherever you choose to settle in Portugal, the climate will differ but remain pleasant. The temperature rises as you travel farther south. In contrast, it can get cold up north. You’ll find that winters in Portugal are often pleasant, and summers are sunny and warm.

World's fourth safest country​

World's fourth safest country

In addition to being one of the kindest nations on earth, Portugal is also exceptionally safe. Next to Iceland, New Zealand, and Denmark, Portugal was recognized as the fourth-safest country on earth by the 2021 Global Peace Index. Portugal has a meager crime rate than other European nations, which you can attest to firsthand if you choose to shift to it. The two independent Portuguese islands of Madeira and the Azores are known worldwide for their hospitality and safety. According to Portugal’s Crime and Safety report, both islands have even lower crime rates than Portugal’s mainland. Because there aren’t many “legitimate” news stories in Madeira, the local news is occasionally seen as humorous.

Reasonable Living Expenses​

Reasonable Living Expenses

From the cost of housing to necessities, Portugal is a pretty good place to live. Be aware that Lisbon has a higher living cost than other regions. In Portugal’s central cities, a couple with a good, middle-class wage may get by at about €1,700 per month, whereas living in Lisbon might cost roughly €2,000 per month. In a busier city, a single person can survive on €1,200 per month, and even less in the country’s sleepier towns. You should be able to locate plenty of restaurants where you can have a satisfying lunch that costs under €10. With excellent metro card discounts in Lisbon and Porto, transportation is also highly convenient and reasonably priced. Compared to nearby nations, Portugal is inexpensive also in terms of healthcare and education. The National Health Service will cover you if you are a citizen and reside in Portugal. The schooling is also somewhat cheap, and the average annual tuition fee is roughly €7,500.

Friendly Environment

Friendly Environment

According to the Expat Insider Survey by InterNations, the Portuguese are the most hospitable people in the world. If you need instructions on any place to visit in a city, it is convenient enough to find someone who will supply you with helpful assistance. The Portuguese, especially the younger population, speak excellent English, so you should have no trouble communicating. Even if you require assistance but do not speak Portuguese, someone will always attempt to converse with you in English and provide information on your queries. And if you do manage to pick up a few words, it’s a great way to impress the locals. Also, the fact that the Portuguese are exposed to sunlight for the majority of the day may be one of the reasons why they often have warm and welcoming energy, have a positive outlook on life, and smile frequently.

Shores of Portugal

The beaches and shores of Portugal are the most beautiful in Europe

Many would contend that Portuguese beaches are not only Europe’s but the world’s most beautiful beaches. The Algarve, the legendary southernmost portion of Portugal, is very popular and has a gorgeous coastline encircling the whole country. Praia De Marinha in the Algarve is among the most popular beaches due to its golden sand, clean sea, towering limestone cliffs, and intriguing caves. Praia De Falesia is another 6-kilometer-long beach with shallow waves and spectacular clifftop treks. Other noteworthy beaches are Praia De Carvalho, Praia Da Ursa, and Praia De Mirimar; however, there are many more. So if you’re a beach lover, Portugal is the ultimate choice.

The real estate industry is flourishing

An important question frequently asked by people when considering relocation to a new country is whether they can invest in real estate as a foreigner. The response is a resounding “yes” in Portugal. Portugal offers a wide range of appealing houses thanks to a vibrant and cost-effective real estate market. Everybody wants to live in a beautiful area, and Portuguese housing meets your expectations. Many attractive older homes for sale and historical-style retirement flats are becoming more popular. You can either go for a standard beach vacation home or follow the expanding trend of modest Portuguese holdings. There are many possibilities to suit your preferences at reasonably steady rates with little market swings, regardless of whether you’re looking to buy a brand-new apartment or remodel an ancient one.

A luxurious lifestyle and a delicious cuisine

A luxurious lifestyle and a delicious cuisine

Portugal’s superb Mediterranean cuisine is arguably underappreciated in favor of Italian and Spanish dishes. However, Portugal can compete with the greatest if one focuses on producing seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Portuguese wines are also world-class; one sip of rich Port wine, fruity Alentejo, or Vinho Verde green wine will enchant you. The arts and music are likewise very dear to the Portuguese. Portugal offers a wide variety of interests, from more traditional and historical art shows to more contemporary elements and international exhibitions in the bigger towns. You may enjoy anything from music festivals and concerts that draw the most prominent worldwide names to candle-lit nights in Alfama, Lisbon’s historic district.

digital nomads 2

Ideal location for digital nomads

Due to the recent pandemic, people who work from home yet want to travel are trying hard to obtain Digital Nomad Visas. Remote workers frequently travel to Portugal because it offers a simple process for obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa. It has now become one of the top travel destinations worldwide for young digital nomads due to its numerous facilities. It’s no surprise that it’s the preferred location for millennials given the affordable housing, excellent internet connectivity, number of co-working spaces, and vibrant online community. Thus, the country can fulfill all your expectations if you’ve ever desired to live a digital nomad lifestyle free from obligations. However, with so many beautiful beaches and other temptations, the main challenge would be getting your work done!


Tax System

Portugal’s tax system attracts a wide range of foreigners, including investors, professionals who work for themselves, and many more. If you are an immigrant in Portugal, you can use the Non-Habitual Residence or NHR tax system after 183 days of residency. The NHR tax system in Portugal provides its recipients with several tax advantages, such as a unique 10-year personal income tax treatment. If you are a foreigner who has just come to Portugal, the non-habitual residency or NHR will prove beneficial. The system was first implemented in 2009 to draw in investors and foreigners and increase the nation’s viability on the global stage. Over 10,000 inhabitants of Portugal’s non-habitual tax system attest to the scheme’s effectiveness.

Rich Historical Background

The Moors, Romans and even the Celts left their mark on Portugal during its long and illustrious past, as seen by the country’s architectural remnants. When you travel through Portugal and stop in any of the towns, you will most certainly come across some historical relics. Consider the city of Porto, which in Roman times was known as “Portus Cale,” and the city of Coimbra, which features an impressive Roman aqueduct. Another proof that Portugal has a rich history is the Moorish castle in Sintra and the other Moorish influences that can be found throughout the country, particularly in the south. Individuals fascinated by history and those who aren’t interested in history will be happy to put together the pieces of the country’s rich heritage and cultural legacy.

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